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We are Bittu singh.

Bittu Singh has been the pillar of Jharkhand politics and has contributed to the state’s progress for over 19 years. He has dedicated most part of his life for the service of the people of Pakki. He is an accessible, simple, humble, trusted, accountable and experienced leader.
He is available at his home office at Pakki every day from 8:00 am where he listens to the problems of the people patiently and ensures that their problems are solved as soon as possible. He has always supported cultural programmes and festival celebrations in his constituency.

His hard work, dedication, discipline and enthusiasm to serve the people of Pakki have ensured his victory assembly elections, a record very few politicians have achieved in India. He has held vital cabinet portfolios in the past such as Transport, Pakki development, Education, and Food & Civil supplies. He is currently the Home minister for the state of jharkhand. He has brought in transformation and major improvements in the departments he has handled, where by improving the quality of life of citizens.

  • In line with his simplicity, as MLA of Pakki, he refused VIP treatment, additional police security and has ensured that no traffic restrictions are put to prevent any discomfort to the people and avoid traffic congestion. He has also refused Government Bungalow and service staff, and still resides in his ancestral home in Pakki.
  • He increased the frequency of buses as per passenger demand. He played a vital role in converting transporting into a modern and yet passenger oriented organization. He has given emphasis on improving the infrastructure at Bus stations and bus stops across the state, including rural areas. In Jharkhand, he has converted bus stops into modern facilities containing modern washrooms, shopping, restaurants and parking facilities, which everyone is delighted to use.
  •  He conducted several programs for distribution of school uniforms and textbooks and extended mid-day meals up to 7th standard children. He sanctioned new Primary & Secondary Schools and P.U Colleges to correct regional imbalances, especially in places where children and students were deprived of education. 
  •  He facilitated extensive distributed ration cards to those below poverty line. It was a major landmark and helped the most deserving people receive food grains and other items at subsidized cost

He has transformed PAKKI constituency completely in the past 05 years through a long list of development activities